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Hand Knotted Area Rugs

Area rugs are versatile so they can be moved to any room in the house. Hand knotted rugs have been a decorative element and a very good investment. As life is becoming more urbanized and living spaces are getting smaller area rugs are becoming easier and handier to decorate, especially when it comes to hand knotted rugs. Area rugs will bring warmth and beauty to your home and are perfect insulator and noise reducer. It is easier to clean and maintain, especially hand knotted rugs are extremely durable and it can last through few generations. Area rugs in today’s design world have changed drastically in color and pattern to satisfy the buyer’s market. Today they are not just coming in traditional patterns but also in transitional, modern, contemporary, abstract, European, and southwest pattern. The price range of area rugs is broad and can meet any budget allocation. Rug Treasures carries over 3,000 pieces from $99.00 to tens of thousands of dollars!! A large portion of our rugs comes in variety of sizes, colors, and designs. At Rug Treasures we let all of our clients to try the rug of their choice before making any final decision. We also honor a life time warranty and exchange policy on hand-made rugs. Rug Treasures has been providing the discriminating connoisseurs for over three decades with integrity and honor.


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