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Southwest Rugs

Southwest design captures the essence of the American Southwest which is full of rich history of Native people, missionary settlers, and unruly ranchmen and cowboys. Southwest rugs include a variety of pile and woven rugs with more geometric design and array of colors and motifs. Triangles, diamonds and chevrons are common shapes used and they are made with all types of dyed wool and cotton and come in reds, brown, blues, blacks, whites, and oranges. These rugs are not only legendary for their durability but for their timeless designs and colors. View some of our Southwest Rugs below:


When it comes to rugs we offer every service that goes with it, if you need your rug washed, repaired, if you need to hang a rug, or just simply want to know what type of rug you have, We also buy and trade rugs here is a list of  services we offer: