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A quality Oriental rug or area rug is an important investment that will last for generations if cared for properly. To protect your heirloom, a rug should be professionally cleaned at minimum every 2 to 3 years and more often if it is subjected to frequent heavy traffic. Dirt particles can cause a rug’s fibers to become brittle and more sensitive to damage. Proper cleaning rids a rug of these particles and helps restore its luster to its original beauty and elegance—protecting your investment for years to come. Each rug is inspected prior to being cleaned. We identify: woven material, prior damage, stains, spots, rug shape, and discoloration.

  • – A cleaning plan is discussed for each rug prior to cleaning
  • – The rug is dusted to get as much accumulated dust out of the rugs
  • – The rug is prepared for the wash process
  • – All soap is removed from the rug by washing and rewashing

Our Rug Cleaning quote includes fringe cleaning, spot removal, and pickup and delivery.

Free Pickup and Delivery for any 8×10 rug or larger 15 Miles Radius of our Location:

Zip Codes 85254 

When cleaning Hand Knotted rugs, age and origin are also crucial factors to consider. Also, certain types of Hand Knotted rugs have a high chance for Dye Run. We will wash your rug professionally so it does not lose its value or luster!

Washing a Hand Knotted rug includes three steps

Step 1) Rug Dusting: We make sure there is no dust anywhere on the rug prior to washing

Step 2) Soaking and Brushing: We soak the rug with water and specialized rug cleaning products to loosen the staining debris. We then brush the pile so the rug does not lose its pile direction. If a rug loses its pile, it will look as though the rug has different colors in certain spots.

Step 3) Flat Drying: Your rug will be dried on a flat surface to minimize the risk of dye run.

So CALL NOW @ 480 951-4148 or Fill in the Form, send us pictures of any spot damage, and a picture of the back of the rug to determine what type of rug we are cleaning for the most accurate cost estimate.